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Name: Helena Alicia Matusiewicz
Maiden Name: Bertmia
Gender: Female
Date of birth: 1904-12-18
Place of birth: Poland, Wilno (near )
Did this person die during World War ll?:
Date of death: 1978-7-9
Place of death: United Kingdom , Yorkshire (near Doncaster)
Fathers given name:
Entry ID: 948715 Mothers given name:
Mothers maiden name:
Given name of spouse:
Maiden name of spouse:
Given name(s) of children:

Personal Situation at the outbreak of WWll

Residence at the outbreak of WWll: Poland,
Kresy Inhabitant Status:
Education Level:
Occupation at the outbreak of WWll:
Military status at the outbreak of WWll:
Military Rank at the outbreak of WWll: Ochotniczka

Deportations and Repressions

Province - as at 1939:
City / Place:
Nearest Large City:

Military Experience

Served in Unit Other Service From: yyyy mm dd To: yyyy mm dd
Other 316 Kompania Transportowa, mai 1944
Other Military Service:
Participation in WWII battles:
Medals received:
Other Battles:

Other Wartime Circumstances

Other Information:
Orphanages: , ,
Civilian Camp in the Middle East:
Civilian Camp in India:
Civilian Camp in Africa:
Other Information:

Residence After 1945

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Description URL
Listed as No 5345 https://www.polishexilesofww2.org/archival-lists-ussr-to-persia
Listed in 2nd Corps List 316 Transport Company_484 https://www.polishexilesofww2.org/archival-lists-polish-2nd-corps