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Name: Zenobiusz Kozak
Maiden Name:
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 1901-12-28
Place of birth: Poland, Wolyn Kostopol (near )
Did this person die during World War ll?: No
Date of death: 1968-12-28
Place of death: United Kingdom , Manchester, Old Trafford
Fathers given name: Franciszek
Entry ID: 945624 Mothers given name: Marianna
Mothers maiden name:
Given name of spouse: Maria
Maiden name of spouse: Wajda
Given name(s) of children: Jerzy
Description: Zenobiusz had 6 siblings: Jerzy Kozak, Teresa Sukiennik (born Kozak) and 4 other siblings
Married in Wilno June 1932
Maria Born 1902-07-16
Jerzy Leopold Born 30 Oct 1932
27. KOZAK Jeftim (Russian), rich host [wealthy landowner]- manor house and approx. 108 ha of land (Sosnowy Hrud), wife Jadwiga (Polish) - teacher of the school in Hołubno; children: two daughters (?) and son Jerzy; mother (IN).
The Russians took Jeftim and his wife and son to exile deep into Russia around 1940, leaving his mother alone on the estate.

Personal Situation at the outbreak of WWll

Residence at the outbreak of WWll: Poland, Wołyń Voivodeship, Powiat Kostopol, Kolonia Sarkówka - Bearings North 505440 and East 264046, gmina Berezne
Kresy Inhabitant Status: Civilian settler / Family member of civilian settler
Ethnicity: Polish
Religion: Protestant
Education Level: Higher
Occupation at the outbreak of WWll: wlasna gospodarka rolna - Ran own farm, agriculture - harvesting, breeding cattle (raising meat, butchery), seed culture, fruit nurseries, hunting
Military status at the outbreak of WWll: Reservist
Military Rank at the outbreak of WWll:

Deportations and Repressions

FROM: yyyy mm dd To: yyyy mm dd To: Soviet socialist republic Oblast Locality Additional information
1940 02 10 1941 11 22 Russian SFSR Gorkowska Darowatka, Szaryński region Gulag Darovatka near Poldnevitsa, Sharinsky (Szaryński) Rajon, Gorkowska oblast - special settlement (logging)
Description: Testimony of Zenobiusz Kozak (ZK) filed with the Allied Armies

Event Date - 1940.02.10-1942.02.05
File creator
Independent Historical Office of the Command of the Polish Armed Forces in the Soviet Union/Documentation Office of the Polish Army in the East
File title
Documents of Władysław Anders. Reports of deported Polish prisoners.

Province - as at 1939: Wolynskie
City / Place:
Nearest Large City:

Military Experience

Served in Unit Other Service From: yyyy mm dd To: yyyy mm dd
2nd Corps (Gen. Anders) Ośr Zap (Reserve Centre) Town of Kermine(o) signs “loyalty” declaration 26.4.42 1942 4 26
2nd Corps (Gen. Anders) Rez W.P.S.W Palestine 1942 7 5 1942 8 20
Other Military Service:
Participation in WWII battles: Monte Cassino, Italy (1944-01-17 - 1944-05-19)
Medals received:
Other Battles:

Other Wartime Circumstances

Other Information:
Orphanages: , ,
Civilian Camp in the Middle East:
Civilian Camp in India:
Civilian Camp in Africa:
Other Information:

Residence After 1945

Country State District Locality Nearest large city Description
United Kingdom Lancashire Manchester Old Trafford

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