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Name: Julia Oko
Maiden Name:
Gender: Female
Date of birth: 1923-
Place of birth: Poland, Tarnopolskie Radziechów (near Niemilow)
Did this person die during World War ll?: No
Date of death: 1989-5-12
Place of death: Zambia , Lusaka
Fathers given name: Jozef
Entry ID: 649740 Mothers given name: Katarzyna
Mothers maiden name: Halat
Given name of spouse:
Maiden name of spouse:
Given name(s) of children:
Description: Sister Julia Oko became a missionary and stayed in Lusaka, Zambia. She belonged to the Matero Convent

Personal Situation at the outbreak of WWll

Residence at the outbreak of WWll: Poland, Tarnopolskie, Radziechów, Niemilow, Radziechow
Kresy Inhabitant Status: Military settler / Family member of military settler
Ethnicity: Polish
Religion: Roman Catholic
Education Level: Lower Secondary
Occupation at the outbreak of WWll: Student
Military status at the outbreak of WWll: Not Applicable
Military Rank at the outbreak of WWll: N/A

Deportations and Repressions

FROM: yyyy mm dd To: yyyy mm dd To: Soviet socialist republic Oblast Locality Additional information
1940 02 10 1940 03 08 Ukranian SSR Tarnopolska oblast' Kotlas, Archangielska
Description: Julia was deported to Siberia with her Mother, Katarzyna, her brothers - Jan, Frank, Stanislaw and Adolf with his family.
Province - as at 1939:
City / Place:
Nearest Large City:

Military Experience

Other Military Service:
Participation in WWII battles:
Medals received:
Other Battles:

Other Wartime Circumstances

Other Information:
Orphanages: , ,
Civilian Camp in the Middle East:
Civilian Camp in India:
Civilian Camp in Africa: Lusaka
Other Information:

Residence After 1945

Country State District Locality Nearest large city Description
Zambia Lusaka Lusaka Convent - Matero Convent

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