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Name: Michał Woroniecki
Maiden Name:
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 1902-01-02
Place of birth: Poland, Wileńskie Mołodeczno (near Mołodeczno)
Did this person die during World War ll?: No
Date of death: 1988-4-25
Place of death: Canada , Edmonton
Fathers given name: Roman
Entry ID: 649672 Mothers given name: Paulina
Mothers maiden name: Bondar
Given name of spouse: Julianna
Maiden name of spouse: Mozel
Given name(s) of children: Eugenia, Helena, Irena
Description: "I am a son of the Vilnius region, born 25 January 1902 in the town of Mołodeczno. My childhood years consisted of school and chores around the house. In 1915, during the Great War, the Germans had occupied the city of Smorgon as they advanced eastward. Around Mołodeczno much of the civilian population abandoned their farms, and fled deep into Russia. My father was no longer living, and there were only three of us left with my mother ― my sister Zofia, my younger brother Alexander, and myself. We too left our home, and travelled east until we found ourselves in the Tambov district, in the village of Vishnevo Selo. There, as a 13 year-old lad, I continued my schooling. We returned home during the Russian Revolution of 1917, and I went to work as a messenger boy for the railway. The work was not hard, consisting of delivering correspondence between all the railway offices at the Mołodeczno station." (From the memoirs of Michał Woroniecki)

Personal Situation at the outbreak of WWll

Residence at the outbreak of WWll: Poland, Wileńskie, Mołodeczno, Mołodeczno, Minsk
Kresy Inhabitant Status: Kresy inhabitant for several generations
Education Level:
Occupation at the outbreak of WWll: Soldier
Military status at the outbreak of WWll: Active Duty
Military Rank at the outbreak of WWll: Corporal

Deportations and Repressions

FROM: yyyy mm dd To: yyyy mm dd To: Soviet socialist republic Oblast Locality Additional information
1941 06 22 1942 08 24 Russian SFSR Ałtajski Kraj Tobolsk (Tyumen Oblast) He was imprisoned in Tobolsk until 30 August 1941. He left Tobolsk in November 1941 to join his wife and children who had been deported to Ust' Kalmanka near Aleysk in Alta Krai. He re-joined the Polish Army in Guzar, 23 July 1942. He then returned to Kalmanka to get his family. Together they traveled to Yangiyul, then to Krasnovodsk from where they went by ship to Pahlevi, Iran, in late August 1942.
Province - as at 1939:
City / Place:
Nearest Large City:

Military Experience

Served in Unit Other Service From: yyyy mm dd To: yyyy mm dd
2nd Corps (Gen. Anders) starszy sierżant 7 batalion 1942 7 23 1947 7
Other Military Service: 2 Brygada Jazdy (1920-06 to 1921-04) 63 Toruński Pułk Piechoty (1923-09 to 1927-09)) 86 Pułk Piechoty (1928-09 to 1939-09-22) Ośrodek Organizacijny Armii, Zapasowy Pułk Piechoty (1942-07-23 to 1943-06) 2 Corp - 3 Dywizja Strzelców Karpackich (1943-06 to 1947-08)- Nr ewidencyjny 3 DSK/Serial Nr in 3 DSK 1902/108
Participation in WWII battles: Battle of Warsaw (1920) (1920-08-12 - 1920-08-25), September campaign (1939-09-01 - 1939-10-06)
Medals received: Medal 10-lecia Odzyskania Niepodległosci, Brązowy Medal za Długoletnią Służbę, Krzyż Walecznych, Krzyż Zasługi z Mieczami, Medal Wojska Polskiego (awarded twice), Krzyż Pamiątkowy Monte Cassino, 1939-45 Star, Italy Star, Defence Medal, War Medal 1939-45, Krzyż Kampanii Wrześniowej 1939
Other Battles: Battle of Lwów, (1939-09-17 - 1939-09-22)

Other Wartime Circumstances

Other Information:
Orphanages: , ,
Civilian Camp in the Middle East:
Civilian Camp in India:
Civilian Camp in Africa:
Other Information:

Residence After 1945

Country State District Locality Nearest large city Description
United Kingdom Birmingham Foxley Camp from 1947 to 1949
Canada Alberta Edmonton Settled on a farm near Cherhill

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