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Name: Stanisław Grząśko
Maiden Name:
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 1926-03-15
Place of birth: Poland, Lubelskie Chełm (near Romanówka, Siedliszcze)
Did this person die during World War ll?: No
Date of death: 2007-2-5
Place of death: Australia , Camden Hospital (near Sydney)
Fathers given name: Stanisław
Entry ID: 649603 Mothers given name: Katarzyna
Mothers maiden name: Małys
Given name of spouse: Annie
Maiden name of spouse: Fincher
Given name(s) of children: Steven, Annette and Ellen

Personal Situation at the outbreak of WWll

Residence at the outbreak of WWll: Poland, Stanisławowskie, Stryj, Stanisławów,
Kresy Inhabitant Status:
Ethnicity: Polish
Religion: Roman Catholic
Education Level: Lower Secondary
Occupation at the outbreak of WWll: Student
Military status at the outbreak of WWll:
Military Rank at the outbreak of WWll:

Deportations and Repressions

FROM: yyyy mm dd To: yyyy mm dd To: Soviet socialist republic Oblast Locality Additional information
1940 02 1941 07 30 Russian SFSR Verkhotursky District of Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russ
Province - as at 1939:
City / Place:
Nearest Large City:

Military Experience

Other Military Service:
Participation in WWII battles:
Medals received:
Other Battles:

Other Wartime Circumstances

Other Information:
Orphanages: , ,
Civilian Camp in the Middle East:
Civilian Camp in India:
Civilian Camp in Africa:
Other Information:

Residence After 1945

Country State District Locality Nearest large city Description
Australia NSW Sydney Served in the Middle East and Italy until 1946 then transferred with the Polish 2nd Corps British Army to England. Enlisted in the Polish Resettlement Corps (PRC) and served in the United Kingdom then discharged 7 January 1949. Lived and married in England until 1965. Then emigrated to Australia where he lived with his family until his death on 5 February 2007.

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