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List: Poles in India 1943-1944

List of of all the Polish refugees in India, originally deported to the USSR, prepared by the Delegation of the Polish Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare in 1943 and 1944.

Full document scans can be viewed online at

The original documents (reference: B.3734) are located in the Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum, 20 Prince’s Gate, London, England SW7 1PT. Tel +44 (0)207 589 9249. Supplement 3 is located in the “Iranian Archives”.

The original list (numbers 1-3121), dated 1943-11-15, was followed be three supplementary ones: first, (Nos. 3122-3605); next dated 1944-01-31 (Nos. 3606-4075); and the last one, made on 1944-11-01 (Nos. 4075-4775). As the lists were incomplete, some names were added after verification, but those are without the Ministry index numbers.

This version of the list, sourced from the book “Poles in India 1942-1948″, published by the Association of Poles in India 1941-1948, contains dates of birth and index number only. The full lists include additional information of place of birth, names of parents, last address in Poland and place of domicile in India.

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