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Database: Memorial List (Moscow)

The Memorial Society’s List of Victims of Political Terror in the USSR.
Access database at www.lists.memo.ru.

The 4th edition (updated 2015-12-24) of “Victims of Political Terror in the USSR” includes more than 2.6 million of the 6.5-7 million people who were “administratively repressed by the Soviet state. It was created by The Memorial Society, whose main objective is to preserve the memory of political repression and terror in the USSR, bringing together books of memory of victims of political repression prepared and published in different regions of the former USSR. The list includes:
1. People arrested on political charges of the state security agencies (the Cheka-OGPU-NKVD-MGB-KGB) and sentenced to death or to various terms of imprisonment in the camps and prisons or in exile.
2. Peasants, administratively expelled from the residence during the repression, collectivization and famine connected with the “liquidation of the kulaks as a class” campaign in 1930-1933.
3. The nations deported from their traditional homelands to Siberia, Central Asia and Kazakhstan, plus the numerous politically motivated deportations of individual national and social groups from border regions, cities and “sensitive areas”. including in 1939-1941 from the “new territories” of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Western Ukraine, Western Byelorussia, and Moldavia.

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